Enable 2-Step Verification of Roadrunner Mail

How to Enable 2-Step Verification of Roadrunner Mail?

Roadrunner is a well known, well-admired webmail service which provides email service free of cost. It lets the users share, send, and receive information and data through a high-end secure communication medium. Roadrunner also allows its users to store large amounts of data online and share confidential data or information with other users. Despite having various high-end security features that Roadrunner offers, it is necessary to have a safe and secured verification process to help users avoid any hacking attack from different hackers who try to access their accounts.

Roadrunner offers a two-step verification feature that provides users with a high-security feature. This feature helps users grant access to their account only when the verification code matches with the code that this email service provider is sending. This feature provides verified access to its users, which helps them to stay secure from any hacking attack. This feature offers security from unauthorized access to the Roadrunner email account and helps maintain the email account's safety.

Many users find it difficult to enable this two-step verification feature in their Roadrunner email account and often worry about the security of their email account. This post will provide you step by step guidance, following which you can easily enable the two-step verification offered by the Roadrunner email service provider.

Two-Step Verification

All Roadrunner email users are suggested to enable the two-step verification process that would help them improve the security of their Roadrunner email account. This feature restricts or prevents unauthorized access to your account. After enabling the two-step verification, a verification code for each access would be sent to the mobile number linked or associated with the email account. The account will only be logged in when the verification code is matched.

There are several steps following which you can easily enable two-step verification in Roadrunner Mail.

  • Open the Roadrunner Email on your web browser.
  • Then log in to your Roadrunner Email account.
  • Then visit the Account Information page.
  • Look for the two-step verification option.
  • Then click on the toggle button to enable the two-step verification.
  • Then enter your mobile number on which you want to receive a verification code whenever you log in to your email account.
  • After filling in the mobile number, click on the Send verification code via SMS
  • Or you can also click on Call Me to receive a verification code via code.
  • Once you receive the verification code from Roadrunner, enter the code into the given space.
  • Then click on the Verify button.
  • Now you have successfully enabled the two-step verification security.


It is crucial to protect your Roadrunner email account from any hacking attack and enable the two-step verification feature offered by Roadrunner. With the help of this feature your email account would be fully protected from any kind of unauthorized access. This post has provided various steps following which you can help with the two-step verification at no time.

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