Fix Roadrunner Email not Working

How to Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working?

Roadrunner is a popular webmail service which provides email service free of cost. It allows its users to share, send, and receive information and data through a secure communication medium. But many times, different users face issues while using Roadrunner. Out of many common issues or problems that people face while using this email service, one of the common issues is that sometimes Roadrunner stops working, and you encounter problems while sending and receiving emails by using the Roadrunner email service. As a Roadrunner email service user, you might have faced this issue and are looking for solutions. In this post, you will get easy solutions to help you get rid of this issue.

Some Common Reasons Due To Which Roadrunner Email Stops Working

It might happen that due to some very common reasons, you are unable to use your Roadrunner email account.

These reasons can be

  • Poor or unstable internet connection
  • You might be using an obsolete browser version via which you access your Roadrunner account.
  • Due to incorrect settings of SMTP, IMAP, and POP of the Roadrunner account
  • You may have forgotten the Roadrunner account password.

Knowing these reasons would help you identify the problems you are facing while using your Roadrunner email account, and this would help you find a proper solution to fix this issue.

What to Do If Roadrunner Stops Working on iPhone

Check The Server Settings of Roadrunner Email For iPhone

In the majority of the cases, Roadrunner email does not work on iPhone due to the incorrect email server settings of the Roadrunner email service. If you accidentally entered the wrong email server settings of the Roadrunner email account, you face this issue. To resolve this problem, you need to follow some steps like

  • Settings of your iPhone,
  • then go to the Mail option and choose Roadrunner email account tap on the option named Email Server Setting
  • then tap on POP or IMAP, depending on the configuration that you have followed while setting the email account
  • then check the email settings.

Force Restart Your iPhone

In many cases, just restarting your device would be able to fix the issue of Roadrunner not working on the iPhone.

Ensure Proper Network Connectivity On Your Device

It might occur that due to poor network connection or due to any network connectivity issues, you are not able to use Roadrunner on your iPhone. You can turn on and off aeroplane mode to resolve this issue to reconnect your device to the internet.

Update The IOS version of the iPhone to the Latest Version

Sometimes, this issue occurs due to not using the updated IOS version and therefore, you are unable to use Roadrunner on your iPhone. To resolve this issue, install the latest system updates on your iPhone.

Check Server Outage Status of Roadrunner Email Service

This issue can also occur when the Roadrunner email service server is down in the area where your device is placed. To check whether there is an actual server outage of the Roadrunner email service or not, visit sites like Down detector or Outage, and you can contact the local administrator to help you solve this issue.

What To Do If Roadrunner Stops Working on Android Phone

If you face the same problem of Roadrunner email not working on your android phone, following some simple steps will help you fix this issue. These problems are as follows

  • Try to restart your android device
  • Reload your Roadrunner account
  • Make sure that you are using a stable internet connection
  • Next, open your Roadrunner email application and choose the POP3 option and click next
  • Then enter your login credentials.
  • Then reconfigure the server setting accurately, which would help you fix this issue at no time.


No matter the help of which device, you cannot access your Roadrunner email account. You need to know how you will be able to fix the problem, like the Roadrunner email not working. Read this post, where you will get some easy solutions to fix this issue quickly and efficiently.

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