Roadrunner email server setting

All You Need to Know about Roadrunner Email Server Settings

What is Roadrunner Email?

Roadrunner email is a sub-account given by the TWC Corporation. It helps to connect with the TWC modem for the first time and redirects the user to the account registration page automatically. Further, the user can also set up a sub-account with the TWC domain under the address

What Is IMAP (Incoming Mail Server)?

The IMAP server is an email server provider that helps an email account user, with the services to send email using different types of mail browsers.

What Is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)?

The SMTP is a protocol and application, used by different mail servers, with sending, receiving and relay to outgoing mail between email senders and receivers. The SMTP can be found on the different email browsers, SMTP email server address in the account or in the settings section of the mail client.

Roadrunner Server Settings With IMAP/POP and SMTP:

The IMAP/POP and SMTP play a huge role in the working of roadrunner and Roadrunner server setting.

Brief Information About Roadrunner IMAP Settings:

The IMAP roadrunner server settings provides IMAP access to the roadrunner account. It helps to connect to the email from mobile devices and desktop email clients to receive the emails. The Roadrunner mail will help you with providing IMAP access to your Roadrunner email account. IMAP will help you to connect the roadrunner email from the desktop email program to the mobile mail application.

Brief Information About Roadrunner SMTP Settings:

Where IMAP roadrunner settings help with receiving the roadrunner emails on the Desk email program and the mobile mail application, the SMTP helps to send the emails for the same devices.

To access the Roadrunner email, email account from a desktop email program, the below mentioned IMAP and SMTP settings will be needed

The Required IMAP Settings For Roadrunner:

The IMAP settings required to work with roadrunner Server settings are below.

The Required SMTP Settings:

The SMTP settings required to work with roadrunner Server settings are below.

  • Roadrunner email with SMTP Server
  • The SMTP port
  • The SMTP security
  • SMTP username that can be used
  • SMTP password to login

With this, this is the brief information about roadrunner SMTP, roadrunner IMAP settings and POP settings.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Getallitinfo Support IMAP/POP3? 

Yes, Getallitinfo uses the IMAP or POP3 to connect to different email providers. getallitinfo technology is used to detect the server settings automatically entered in the email address. If the same is not detected, IMAP/POP3 helps Getallitinfo with it.

What is the Meaning Of "Port" in the Email settings?

Port is an address number, used by the IP to identify the location of a computer. It can be used to identify the application operating on the computer.

How to Distinguish Between the Need of POP3 or IMAP?

POP3 will help the user to download the emails to be stored locally and then delete them from the server.

The IMAP helps to save the space on the device by being a server to give a backup for all the important emails.

Can A User Set Up Roadrunner For Mac?

Presently, yes Roadrunner can set up for Mac.

How to Import Old Emails?

If the old emails are available on the server, IMAP automatically syncs it to get recovered, without the user doing anything.

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