Setup Roadrunner Email IMAP Setting

Easy Steps to Setup Roadrunner Email IMAP Setting

Webmail for Roadrunner is controlled and administered by TWC, or Time Warner Cable Network. Roadrunner Email Settings can be readily imported into other email clients using this information. Any email application's IMAP settings are crucial to be aware of. You can quickly set up any email account if you know the necessary IMAP and SMTP settings. You can learn everything you need about configuring the Roadrunner IMAP and SMTP servers right here. This method can back up your Roadrunner emails to a hard disk or any other email. As a result, you should also give it a go. You can also use the following IMAP settings to connect Roadrunner Email to other email accounts (such as Gmail or Outlook) and mobile devices (such as an iPhone or an Android phone).

Creating a Roadrunner Email Account Requires the Following Steps:

  • The "TWC Customer Self Treatment" feature can be accessed by logging in to your TWC understand account.
  • After opening up the "Individual Monitoring," click the "Develop New Individual" option to begin the process of creating a brand-new account.
  • Now, in addition to your first call, last call, and password for the new account, enter your brand-new Below Individual ID in the supplied box. Then, in the "Verify Password" content box, enter your password a second time to ensure it was entered correctly.
  • Final step: Click "Develop Brand-new Below Individual" to complete the registration process.

To begin with, Roadrunner Experts are the best source of support for your Roadrunner email issues.

What are the best methods for setting up setups?

As seen below, you have complete control over the mail settings for optimal inbound and also outbound Roadrunner email:

  • A mail server that receives email
  • IMAP is the account type.
  • A user's email address (username) is their email address.
  • is the hostname of the TWC's web server
  • Port 993 of the web server
  • A password is required for authentication:
  • SSL/TLS: This is a given.
  • Outgoing Mail Server (OMS)
  • Email: put your username
  • is the web server hostname.
  • Port 587 is the web server's
  • A password is required for authentication:
  • SSL/TLS: This is a given.

How to Download Roadrunner Emails in Bulk?

Are you interested in transferring or archiving your Roadrunner emails to another email client or saving them on your computer? Email Backup Software is the preferred solution if so. Save Roadrunner emails in any email or file type is possible. Roadrunner Backup Wizard's features include:

  • Conversion of many files in a single operation is supported.
  • During the conversion, keep the folder structure in place.
  • You should be able to keep all of your email's metadata intact.
  • Selective backup according to date, time, source, etc., with advanced settings.
  • As a result, you can save your emails in a variety of formats, including PST (Exchange Server), PDF (MBOX), CSV (Gmail), and IMAP (Exchange Server).
  • Support for 85+ email source applications is required.
  • All Windows versions are compatible.
  • Licensing is good for life.
  • Allow for multilingual support.


Please click "Download Now" below to get a free trial version of this software. Unlike the full version, the trial version is only available for a short period. Twenty-five emails per folder can be converted in the demo. In addition, this is a simple solution for everyone. Computer software's user interface (UI) is straightforward to grasp. It's a stand-alone program that doesn't require using another email client.

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