setup Roadrunner email on dofferent apple device

Steps to Setup Roadrunner Email on Various Apple Devices

Setup Roadrunner (RR) Email for iMac/MacBook pro/Mac Mail

Steps to setup the roadrunner email with different Apple devices and the information related to the same is mentioned below.

Steps to Setup RR Mail/Setup Roadrunner Email for iMac/Add A Email Account to the Mail App on the Mac device:

Steps to setup the Roadrunner email for iMac

  • Download the mail application on to the Mac Laptop or Computer
  • Open the mail application then, select other mail account and then select continue
  • After continue option, enter all the required information asked
  • With the information, when prompted, enter in the description field and follow the prompts
  • With complete the prompting, get the process completed

Steps to Set Up the Roadrunner Email for MacBook Pro

Steps to Setup the RR email, for MacBook Pro

  • Open the Roadrunner/spectrum email on the screen and tap on the menu
  • With opening the menu, tap on the "Add Account" option, then on the other option present under the Setup email section
  • Lastly, enter the email address and tap on the manual setup option

Steps to Set Up the Roadrunner Email for Mac Mail

Steps to Set Up the RR email with Mac Mail

  • Open the 'Mail' application from the home screen of the Mac device
  • Click on the "Preference" option then that is followed by "Add A New Account".
  • With clicking on add account, click on the '+' icon on the screen and start adding the Roadrunner email details with the steps mentioned on the screen
  • In case there is no option for 'Roadrunner' on the screen, add the details manually with the name of the service provider given in the first column.
  • Add the email address and password for the respective RR mail account.
  • Click on "Next" to go to the next option. Then select the account type and enter 'IMAP' or 'POP' for the respective type of account
  • Enter all the required server details in next couple of boxes
  • With all the process completed, set up the roadrunner email for Mac Mail.

How is the Roadrunner Email Connected with the TWC Mail with POP3/SMTP?

Steps to Setup RR/ TWC mail with POP3/SMTP

POP3 server settings is a required step for Roadrunner Email POP server settings.

Steps to set up the TWC mail with POP3

  • Open the Windows Live Mail and click on the Accounts tab.
  • Click the Email icon present there
  • Enter the email address, password and the name to be displayed with the sent messages, and then click Next.
  • Select the POP or IMAP in the Server type dropdown menu
  • Press enter and add the TWC Mail with POP3 to the Windows Live Mail.

Setup Roadrunner Automatically

  • To Setup RR mail automatically, the user, firstly, have to enter the Roadrunner e-mail credentials details (Email address and Password).
  • Select the manual setup option and check the “Automatically Configuration” option.

With giving the automatically configuration, Roadrunner email will set up automatically on the device.

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