How to Block Unwanted Emails in Roadrunner?

How to Block Unwanted Emails in Roadrunner?

Roadrunner is a free email service that lets users customize their privacy settings for their emails. Email users can use these options to ban emails from specific email addresses. When you block an email address, it stops that sender's messages from reaching your Roadrunner inbox. Promotions, Updates, Primary, Social, and Forums are the four categories that the mailbox enables you to filter the inbox into. Each category's mail will be saved automatically, ensuring that the user does not miss any critical message.

Junk mail takes up a lot of storage space and users' time. These garbage have a slew of flaws. We've discussed a few drawbacks of junk mails that might cause your inbox to become clogged with junk mails and cause you to miss essential messages.

Junk Mail's Negative Effects:

  • Sales People waste time and money, and the marketing department wastes space and money.
  • Reputational harm to the business
  • It's possible that critical emails will be missed as a result of this.
  • Drop in marketing campaign open and click-through rates.

On Roadrunner, how do I stop spam emails?

  • Click "Log in" to sign in to your email account.
  • Select "Customize Mailbox Options" from the drop-down menu.
  • Allow options for message blocking by clicking "Allow choices for message blocking".
  • To allow email blocking of Roadrunner, select the "Advanced Block Senders" circle.
  • Enter the email address or domain name from which you no longer wish to receive communications.

With Time Warner:

The blocking option is only one of the many fantastic features you'll get with this. You may quickly block or block any email address on your account. We are aware that certain businesses continue to send promotional emails to our email address, which are of no benefit to us. Only blocking the email address from which we are receiving messages is an option.

Using Roadrunner to Block Junk Emails:

Step 1:
  • Visit to access the official Time Warner Cable Roadrunner homepage.
  • On the toolbar's menu, select "Mail."
  • In the designated blank fields, type your email address and password.
  • Pick a language that you prefer.
  • To get to your email account, click "Log in."
Step 2:
  • "Settings" will appear when you click it.
  • Select "Customize Mailbox Options" from the drop-down menu.
  • "Allow and Block Messages Options" will appear when you click on it.
Step 3:
  • Enable Roadrunner email blocking by clicking the circle next to "Advanced Block Senders."
  • Fill in the email address or domain name from which you no longer want to receive communications.
Step 4:
  • Down the page, scroll down.
  • Under the "Blocked Mail Actions" header, click the circle beside "Delete Mail from Blocked Senders."
  • To end the procedure, click "OK."

On your Time Warner cable email login, follow these steps to ban an undesirable email address. If you continue to have issues or questions about the topic, please contact the RR Email customer service team. They'll talk to you in your language and walk you through the problem-solving process.

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