Is Roadrunner Part of Spectrum or TWC

Is Roadrunner a Part of Spectrum or TWC?

The Roadrunner brand name came into picture in 2012 and was later replaced with Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable was then bought by Charter Communications in 2016 and the service from then was named as Spectrum internet. The email service providing brand Roadrunner is provided by Time Warner Cable which is an internet service provider. Which is also known as spectrum webmail, which is one of the most effective email communication systems. This email service provider offers the most up-to-date and innovative mailing tools that would meet the needs of its customers.

Key Features of Roadrunner Email

Roadrunner has some specific and amazing features which makes them one of the most effective email service providers.

These features are :

  • It has access to Outlook webmail in its entirety
  • It has anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware protection
  • It provides validation to the client which works fine
  • It is simple to use and easy to set up and utilize
  • It has a storage facility for storing messages
  • A single user has the ability to establish or build up to seven roadrunner email accounts.

Along with some specific and special features that is provided by roadrunner email service providers it is easy to create a Roadrunner email account

To set up a Account, follow some simple steps and your account would be ready within a few minutes.

These steps are as follows

  • Visit the official website of
  • Use your username along with your password to access your account. If for the first time you are using it, then create a username and password that is easy to remember for you.
  • After creating or logging into your own account, go to the menu and then select Manage Account.
  • Then go to the internet and select or pick the option to establish an email address.
  • Once an email address is chosen, you would be given a prompt with your email address.
  • Now after that create a mailbox from the drop down menu and enter your password which you have set while creating the account.

By following these steps efficiently you would be able to access your Spectrum Net webmail or Roadrunner mail or Time Warner Cable email which were the previous names of this service.

You can also delete the Roadrunner email account

To do that follow these steps which are as follows

  • Log into your roadrunner email account as a master user
  • Go to management box and select manager user link
  • Then in the final step press the update button and then delete button

There is also possible to recover the Roadrunner email address to recover the roadrunner email address follow these steps

  • Visit the login page for Spectrum webmail
  • To recover your email address, click on the page Forgot your email address
  • A page will appear with a username lookup tool will appear
  • In the box, type your ten digit mobile phone number and then press the submit button
  • Once you submit will get an account username in your phone number
  • Then you can easily recover your phone number which is linked with a Roadrunner or TWC email.


Sometimes people have queries on whether Roadrunner is a part of Spectrum or not, this post has provided the answer to that question very efficiently.

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